We’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth mentioning again:  Gasoline prices are falling.  The experts believe they will fall a bit more as we go into the last part of the year.  This relates to marketing because falling gas prices add millions of dollars to the economy.  If a family uses 100 gallons of gas each month, they will buy 100 gallons each month, not matter what the price is.  When prices fall 50 cents a gallon, as they have,  that makes an extra $50 available in the family’s budget.  Multiply by all families, and that’s a lot money that will probably go right back into the local economy.  Combine that with the generally good news we’ve been seeing about the local job market (for example, Triad International is going to add 35 jobs in Whitely County, according to today’s newspaper) and we do have reason to believe the local economy might do pretty well over the next several months.  Start preparing for success.

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