5 Cardinal Sins of Web Design

Some Web Design Trends to Stay Away From


Trends in web design come and go as technology advances and developers find innovative ways to spread information or show off designs. Just like in fashion, there are accepted forms of design, and there are some that are looked at with disdain. Although a few of these can be looked at as fun or quirky, they don’t convey a professional message. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with web “fashion,” so here are some things that you definitely shouldn’t have on your website in 2014.

MIDI or other music that plays when your website loads

When a user visits your website, they usually don’t want to be bombarded with music they didn’t choose to listen to. If the volume is turned up and your interested visitor has forgotten, it can be quite a shock as well. If you have a website that centers around music, let there be a choice to start or stop the audio instead.

Flash introductions or animations

Time is a valuable thing and people don’t like to waste it. Flash introductions do just that. When visitors come to your website, more than likely they are looking for specific information. Showing an intro is delaying that, and can be quite frustrating causing users to leave your site quickly. Having a flash site also does not provide much content for Google or other popular search engines to crawl. This could hurt a website’s search engine rank substantially.

News tickers

These are just plain hard to read and inefficient. Having the information you wish to present laid out in a normal paragraph is perfect.

Different cursor styles

Most everyone who uses the internet is now familiar with the default cursor styles and when they change. The last thing you want to do is confuse someone who visits your website with changes to the common cursor styles that are default.

Neon Colors

You don’t need to get people’s attention if they are already on your website. Subtle colors and patterns will work well enough to be aesthetically pleasing. Neon colors will only serve to distract users from the information you’re trying to convey, and burn retinas in the process. Neon colors can also make text difficult to read. Bright yellow text on a bright lime green background is next to impossible to read.

If you are featuring any of these items on your website, it might be time for a redesign. Contact HD Marketing & Design to learn how we can help you give your web site a more modern and professional look. Based in Fort Wayne, HD Marketing & Design has been helping people in all avenues of marketing, such as Internet/Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Video Production, Social Media, Print Design, and more.

Until then, check out an example of the aforementioned mistakes in web design. Enjoy!

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