5 Ways to Start Connecting With Customers Through Social Media

connecting with customersYour business can’t grow without connecting with customers, but how and where can you connect with potential and current customers? Did you know over 71% of customers who have a good experience with a brand through social media will recommend it to others?

What are some ways you can build that connection? Take a look at five ways you can start connecting with customers on social media today!

1. Create Worthwhile Content

Your social media platforms should always have a long-term plan in place to organically grow your potential client base. One of the best ways to do that is by coming up with content that will be valuable to your followers.

No one wants to see their time wasted reading emails or posts that don’t bring much to the table, so generate a few ideas to keep people engaged.

2. Schedule Time to Interact with Followers

You won’t grow your potential client base without a strong level of communication. You won’t see any businesses succeeding without proper communication in place and interacting with your followers is basically doing that.

How can you schedule that into your busy day? There are a number of apps out there dedicated to managing multiple social media platforms, so spending 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening should keep your communicating consistent.

3. Make Videos

YouTube isn’t the only way to use videos to engage with your followers on social media. Facebook live is a great way to interact in real time. You can hold Q&A sessions, or speak about a hot topic that wouldn’t need to be included in a lengthy blog post.

You can also use other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to create shorter videos that can still be worthwhile and engaging.

4. Paid Advertising

If you have a good sense of your advertising budget, paying for advertising can pay off in dividends. When you target the right potential customers, spending $50-$100 on a simple ad can have a great return on your investment.

One thing most businesses may not be aware of is the fact that Facebook is becoming much more focused on what individual customers search for and place ads on their news feed based on this information.

So as an example, if your business is based on web design and you pay for advertising space, anyone looking for web design in your area will see your ads pop up. Not too bad for the price of a Benjamin!

5. Become Well Known on Brand New Social Media Platforms

You might be thinking “why should I waste time on lesser-known social media apps?” It doesn’t hurt to take a risk on one or two that may become the next Twitter or Facebook.

If you become one of the main voices on an app, you can have potentially thousands of people to sell and promote your products to. Just make sure it’s a fit for your target audience otherwise you’ll be wasting your time.

Connecting with Customers to Impact Your Business

If you have a game plan in place for connecting with customers, adding these tips will help organically grow the online presence of your business.

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