What are people doing with all those fancy new I-pads and Android Tablets.  They’re watching videos. That’s what a March 2012 study by the Online Publishers Association says   Next up, they’re checking the weather, then the local news, then the national news, followed by enteretainment content.  All of this is making it harder for people to see your advertising.  Harder, but not impossible.  If almost half of users use their tablet to get their local news, they’re not reading the newspaper, or watching the local newscasts on TV.


Today, you need to reach people where they are, not where they used to go.  If they are watching videos, you need to run your video online.  We can do that for you.  We create web videos and TV commercials. Your video runs just before they view their video.  You’ve seen this all the time on major websites, and yes, your commercial can play right there, on their tablets just before they watch a local news story, or see see what’s the latest with Kim Kardashian.


Everyone with a tablet also has access to everything on the internet, including your website.  But you have to make sure they can find it in the search engines, (SEO), and that there’s plenty of content available to keep them interested long enough to buy from you. (Internet Marketing).


Tablet behavior is changing the way people interact with media.  Now, you just need to change the way you do your marketing and advertising to align yourself with these new behaviors.

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