Video, last year’s big new thing, gets even bigger in 2013

I was putting together a chair the other day, and found the written instructions to be a bit fuzzy in places.  So what did I do?  Like millions of other people, I searched YouTube to find an installation video for this particular chair, and guess what?  I found one.

At the midway point of last year, there were almost 10 billion videos posted on YouTube, so why should I doubt for a minute that I would be able to find an installation video for the particular chair I was working on?  Today, do you doubt that any viable business in the world does not have at least a simple do it yourself website?  And any more, can we believe that there is any viable business that does not offer web videos either on their site, or on their YouTube Channel.

Last year at this time, marketing blogs were making New Year’s predictions for very large growth in web video for 2012.  While a lot of predictions just sort of go away, this one certainly was right on the money.  On line video became so big last year, that it spawned a new ad media, Pre-Roll Video.  Pre-Roll Video is that fifteen or thirty second paid video that runs before you get to see the video you really want to see, like the latest Grumpy Cat video.  When we watched it, we had to sit through a Folger’s Coffee pre-roll ad.  You may get a different ad depending particularly on your location.  Pre-Roll ads were probably the big new thing of 2012.

Whether it’s a Pre-Roll ad, a how to use your product video, or just a simple video tour of your business, video is no longer a luxury, but just like your website, an online necessity.  You can check out some of the video we produced for clients in 2012 on our Youtube Channel by clicking here.  I promise, you won’t have to sit through any pre-roll ads before you can watch, but we did produce Pre-Roll videos for clients last year.  If you want to learn more about Video or Pre-Roll video ads and how to get yours up on the internet, contact us today.

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