Fox Network Makes a WISE Move?

In an announcement today that is a major game changer for local advertisers, the Fox TV Network (American Idol, Glee, House, NFL football, Nascar) which has been viewed on Channel 55 locally since it’s beginnings back in the ’80’s, is moving to another channel. Starting August 1, Fox programs will be carried on Channel 33’s (WISE-TV) digital sub-carrier channel that now runs the MyTV network. WISE TV’s regular channel will still carry NBC programs, as it does now.

As for WFFT, they can pick up another network, but there really aren’t any of any real value, other than perhaps the two Spanish lanquage networks.
And, since WISE-TV’s digital sub-channel is not in High Definition, will we lose Fox programs in HD? What a rotten way to watch football.

Stay tuned.

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