Google+ Brand Pages…too Little too Late?

Facebook has allowed for branding pages for some time (If you’re not already reading this on our Facebook page, you can see ours here), so when Google+ became active early this year, businesses jumped in and started creating brand pages. Google told us to stop and took down our pages. A few days ago, they said OK, and now you can see our Google+ brand page here. Soon, all of our clients using the Social Media part of our Internet Marketing program will have similar brand pages on Google+, just as they now have them on Facebook. (you can learn more about that here)

The question is, is it all too little too late? Yesterday, I finally set up my personal Google+ page, as I had been invited to do months ago by a family member who thought Google+ was terrific. The first thing I discovered is that they hadn’t posted on their Google+ page since July.

Meanwhile, Slate Magazine has declared Google+ dead. You can read that story here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Google+.

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