Introducing your Business to Potential Customers

let your customers know who you areLet your customers know who you are before they ever walk in the door


Most of us would agree that the vast amount of information quickly available at our fingertips is a great part of modern life. But when you are searching for a particular product or service, sometimes the bounty of information can quickly get overwhelming.

Savvy marketing companies and business owners have learned that the simpler the message, the better. Tell them what you do or provide and make it easy to find you. Before your customers walk in your door, they expect to have a pretty good understanding of what you can do for them.

Of course, different consumers prefer to get their information in many different ways, including the internet, print ads, social media, and more. So while it’s important to clearly state who you are and what you do, you need to make sure that message is conveyed well across a variety of formats. There are many ways to introduce your business or services to potential customers:

Your Website

  • customers (existing or potential) simply expect you to have one
  • customers expect it to be easy to navigate
  • it’s the obvious place to “show and tell” what you do
  • it’s also a way to build relationships with customers through online ordering, comment options, links to Facebook and other social media

Social Media

  • keeps you connected with existing customers
  • increases your customer base
  • creates buzz for your business
  • improves Google search rankings for your business

Search Engine Rankings

  • the higher you rank in search engine results, the easier it is for customers to find you.
  • optimize your website to help it rank higher
  • use the right keywords in the right places to ensure your site will be easily found
  • use the right keywords and coding to make sure your business appears near the top in local results and on local maps

Special Promotions or Events

  • promote a new service, product or special event to generate further communication about your business
  • use social media to make it easy for others to share your news
  • provide sneak peeks of what’s coming to keep customers interested
  • make a personal connection — interact with existing customers and entice new customers to find out more about you
  • create a buzz

Traditional Media (Print, TV, Radio Ads)

  • tell people who you are and what you do – visually
  • use outdoor signs or changing electronic display boards
  • keep ads consistent and simple – potential customers have only a moment to take in what your sign has to say
  • tailor your message to different formats (visual, audio, website, smartphone etc.)

HD Marketing & Design is Here for You

At HD Marketing & Design in Fort Wayne, we understand how all of these formats function and we stay on top of the new trends in communication, internet marketing, technology, and web design.  We work with you to develop a clear introduction for your potential customers and make sure that message stays consistent across all marketing platforms. Contact us today about how we can help you provide an introduction to your business that will effortlessly and effectively draw new customers your way.

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