Is Your Marketing Working For You?

Your Marketing Should Look Great AND Work Great too!

Fort Wayne Marketing MessageDriving past a local business a few days ago on the way in to the office, we noticed they were installing a new sign. Not just any new sign though, a new eye-catching, full color, electronic sign with the changing messages with a stone base! We watched the progress over the next few mornings as we drove by. It was coming along great, we were excited to see who the business was with this great looking sign.

Then, one morning as we were drove past we saw that the sign was on…. the message displayed on their sign let us know that they have a mobile app. Great, they have a mobile app, but WHO ARE THEY? The next morning, driving past, the sign displayed the time and temperature. Thank you for the information, it was great to know I wasn’t running late for work, but… WHO ARE YOU???

Over the next week we would see the sign for a split second only, each time a different message was displayed – “Congratulations to the 2014 Graduates”, “We’re on Facebook”, a picture with the staff, but never the name of the business!

The sign you put out in front of your business can be quite an investment and these bright and colorful displays definitely offer a unique and impressive way to capture attention and let people know about your business. But, are you sure that the messages your sign flashes to the world are really giving people useful information about your business? If it doesn’t tell people who you are and give them a reason to use your services — you are definitely not getting your money’s worth from that investment. After all, as potential customers drive by, they only have a moment to notice your sign and take in what is has to say. And, if potential customers don’t know who the sign is for, how will they ever know if they need  your products or services? Sure, it’s nice to know the time and temperature, but most of us can get that information with a glance at our dashboard. And I’m glad to know that you are on Facebook — but why would I follow your business? 

It’s a fact of modern life — we are all constantly bombarded with information. As Five Man Electrical Band put it all those years ago:

 “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery, Breaking my mind. Do this! Don’t do that! Can’t you read the signs?”







Don’t let your sign be just another part of the information noise. You spent the money to have a great looking marketing tool – whether it’s a new sign, a new website, a TV commercial, postcard, or other marketing material. Make sure the name of your company is prominently displayed and make sure your message is relevant to your business and to potential customers. Don’t leave people guessing who you are or what you do.

Let HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne Help You Capture Attention AND Send the Right Marketing Message!

Whether potential customers are looking at your website, following you on Facebook, or driving down the road in front of your business everyday,  you want to make sure your sending the right message. Let HD Marketing & Design help you deliver a message that not only looks great, but works great as well!

(And, apologies for putting that song in your head for the rest of the day.)

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