Revise the Marketing Plan! The PC-Tablet Revolution is Underway!

The number of people who have an e-reader or tablet PC (such as the IP-Pad) has just doubled.  If you were paying any attention this past holiday season, you knew that these devices were high on everyone’s wish list, and apparently, Santa came through big time.

The Pew Research Center reports adult ownership of tablets went from 10% before Christmas, to 19% after.  29% of Americans now have mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones.

What does this mean to you?  It means people will be spending more time on line reading e-books and e-zines, watching videos, chatting with friends, and perhaps, visiting your website or social media site.  Since there are only so many hours in a day, it means these same people will be using old media less and less, putting physical printed books and newspapers on the endangered species list.

These devices, like smart phone in 2011, will be game changers in 2012 and beyond.  They will change the rules of marketing yet again, perhaps in ways we haven’t even thought about yet.

Are you reading this post on your new tablet?

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