SEO versus PPC

As a website owner, you see these initials all the time, and probably have people calling you on the phone tyring to sell you SEO or PPC services.  Rest assured, it’s not us.  We don’t make unsolicited phone calls selling our Internet Marketing program.  Still, you are right to be curious about these initials, since both are important for running a successful website.  What is SEO and PPC?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is simply the process of making sure your website can be easily found when people search your name or product category.  Most people will actually search for you by your company name.  They’ve heard about you somewhere else, through a referral, sign or other media advertising, and want to learn more.  I have searched for sites by name and have been unable to find the company website.  It should come up first, and come up several times on page one of the search engine results.  For example, Google one of our SEO clients,CrescentAvenueGardens.  They come up on every Google result on page one of the search.  The only other power equipment dealers are from PPC, which we’ll get to in a minute.


Research shows that web users click the most on the top few results on page one of a search result.  Some users continue to hunt through to page two, but it falls off fast after page one.  If your business success comes from people visiting your website, you will get more website traffic if you show up closer to the top of a Google, Bing or Yahoo web search, and SEO is the name of the multiples steps needed to make sure you do show up on top.

If you don’t show up well in a Google search, what can you do besides SEO?  PPC!  Or, Pay Per Click Advertising.  Search Google for just about anything and you’ll find paid listing at the very top of the page and along the right side.  These are PPC ads.  When you set up a PPC campaign, you choose the keywords that will trigger the appearance of your ad. For example, if you are a competitor to Crescent Avenue Gardens, you can use their name as a keword, so that every time someone searches for them, your PPC ad will show up too. You only pay Google if someone actually clicks on the ad, which takes them to your website, or to a landing page specifically designed for maximize results from your  PPC ad.  Although daunting at first, PPC isn’t difficult to do once you’ve had some experience with it.

You won’t get traffic to your website, unless people see you, and they won’t see you unless you’re on the top of their search engine results.  The two ways to get there are SEO and PPC.  Neither is a free ride.  You either have to pay the cost of PPC advertising, or you need to partner with someone, like King Marketing, to work with you continually on your SEO.  If more customers seeing your website translates into more business for you, then either SEO or PPC is worth the investment.

You can learn more about SEO and our Internet Marketing program by clicking here.  Or, feel free to call us and ask more about it or PPC.  We do both for several Fort Wayne area businesses.

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