Serious toned Commercials and The Ravens ruled on Sunday

When companies invest four million dollars to run a single thirty second commercial in the most viewed sporting event of the season, they expect a big audience, and a big response to their ad.  Last Sunday, Dodge Ram Trucks received both.  It was the third most Super Bowl ever, and one of the largest TV audiences in over twenty years.  Now, the companies that talk with viewers and rate the power of every commercial run during the event, say the most effective ad of the day belonged to Dodge Ram Trucks.  While we often expect to see a lot of humorous ads in the big game, this year, the serious themed commercials scored highest with viewers.  Maybe the funny ads weren’t that funny, or maybe it’s just a reflection of where our collective consciousness is right now.

You can see all of the Superbowl TV spots here.  And you can view the Dodge Ram commercial above.


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