Social Media Marketing in 2014

Do You Have a Social Media Marketing?

Here it is March already. The year is moving on, so now is a good time to ask yourself how you’re doing in meeting your 2014 business goals. Was this the year you were going to finally address the issue of social marketing?Well, better late than never.

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie


For example, if you watched the Oscars recently, you saw host Ellen DeGeneres take a selfie in an effort to set a new world’s record for re-tweeting a photo. It worked. Not only did she set a new record of 779,295 retweets in approximately half an hour, the crush of users brought down Twitter’s service for about 20 minutes.

Who were these people who grabbed their cell phones at 10pm on a Sunday night and made this happen? A lot of them are your customers, ordinary people just as likely to re-tweet a celebrity photo as they would be to tweet or share on Facebook with their friends the experience (good or bad) they just had in your store.

 Social Media Can Boost Your Presence and Your Sales

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and many other also social media platforms each perform in a different manner. Not all may be right for your business, but many of these could be powering your sales in 2014 and beyond. Contact  HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne today to find out what social media platforms would work best for your business and to create a marketing plan to boost your online presence.

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