Some Good News (for a change)

Sure, the news has been bad: Earthquakes, hurricanes, stock market swings, economic fears.

Now, let’s for a moment enjoy some good news. Consumer spending in the US increased .8% in July! Personal Incomes rose .3%. These number released by the Commerce Department today are much better than June’s, and probably better than most cable news pundits thought it would be.

Why does it matter? Well, consumer spending accounts for 70% of our economy.

The economy added 117,000 net jobs in July, twice the number added in each of the previous two months. Spending on retail goods rose faster last month than in any month since March. U.S. automakers rebounded last month to boost factory production by the most since the Japan crisis.

You can plan for bad times or you can plan for good times. If you don’t plan for good times, and we get them, you won’t be ready, and that becomes a form of failure. Is your web site up to date? How is your current search position on Google? (watch our video to learn more, click here)

I think consumers are tired of recession and want things back to normal. Judging just by the crowd at the mall on Sunday, I’d say we’ll see good numbers again in August, and hopefully, the rest of the year.

What do you think?

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