What Emotions do Colors Convey?

Color Meanings in Marketing & Branding

color meanings

In the world of sales and marketing, even the subtlest nuances can have an impact on the consumer. The smallest things can sway the consumer’s decision to buy a product, even on a subconscious level. Because of this, it helps to consider these nuances in your marketing campaign. For example, did you know that colors could directly impact how a person feels? Here are some examples of how colors can directly effect your marketing campaign and sales.


Depending on the shade, green can mean a few different things. One of the more popular messages that green conveys is “environmental.” Factors such as the “recycle” logo, and even the saying “Going Green” have turned the color green into a message that says “earth friendly.” When someone sees green, they are subconsciously reminded of freshness, nature, and harmony.  Deeper shades of green are associated with money and wealth.


The color blue communicates the feeling of professionalism, reliability, and trust.  In this article, men’s fashion expert, Hendrik Pohl explains what a presidential candidate’s tie color says about him. Pohl noticed that 2012 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, often chose to wear a blue tie.

“Blue is one of the safest and most common tie colors for politicians because most people associate well with blue. Blue is the color that people most commonly name as their favorite color and it has a very calming effect on people,” Pohl says.


Of all the colors, red is known to be the most passionate. Red conveys a message of desire, love, and warmth.  We tend to view red as symbolic for passion and love. It is a very trusting color that consumers relate with.  Red is also a very attention-grabbing color.


Traffic signs, highway lines, school buses, etc – from a young age, we are conditioned to pay attention to yellow. This might be the reason many companies choose to use it in their campaigns, and even their logos! (McDonald’s and Burger King to name a few.) Yellow creates a sense of energy and urgency.

There are many things that can subconsciously drive someone to buy a product. Color is just one of the many factors. That being said, you don’t want to be left on your own when it comes to your marketing campaign. At HD Marketing & Design in Fort Wayne, we successfully help businesses grow, nationwide. Specializing in website design, Internet and digital marketing, we can help you implement a campaign that works on all levels!

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