Your Marketing Strategy : Trick or Treat?

It’s impossible this time of year not to be reminded of all the creepy, scary characters that populate our Halloween stories, movies and nightmares. As marketing professionals, we at HD Marketing & Design began to wonder: “Is there anything a business can learn from these characters about how to liven-up its marketing strategy?”

Don’t leave that marketing plan for dead. Dig it out from the graveyard of your “things to do someday” drawer, dust it off and let’s talk. These quintessential Halloween creatures may inspire some dos and don’ts to consider:


Is your website just a cobbled together work of random pieces like this horrifying man-made monster? Make it “lively” and unified instead. Websites need to be easy to navigate. A great website allows users to quickly find the information they need.




Zombies NEED to feed. Are you feeding your audience regularly with updated content, announcements, and news via social media? Keep users up to date on all the latest happenings on their news feed. Connect with clients and potential clients where they hang out online. Feed their feed!





Werewolves transform only when the moon is full. Do you have outdated information in your marketing materials — print, web or social media? Don’t wait for the next full moon to give your audience correct information or to update the look of old materials.



Is your website being found? If it’s not on the first couple of pages of Google, it may as well be invisible. 75% of Google users never scroll through to the second page of results. Find out how SEO and content marketing can help your web site be seen!


Bring your Marketing Back to Life

Talk to the experts at HD Marketing & Design in Fort Wayne about how to raise your marketing plan from the dead. We have expertise in all areas of marketing, from print to video to website designSEO, & beyond. We get to know our clients and work with you to customize a marketing strategy to keep your message relevant. Contact HD Marketing and Design today to learn how our team can bring your business’s marketing plan back to life.

“It’s alive! My marketing is alive!”


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