How to Market to Millennials; What You Need to Know

how to market to millennials

If you don’t already know, allow us to tell you that marketing to millennials is a big deal. Millennials spend roughly $600 billion a year in the US economy.

And more than any other generation, millennials have also taken full advantage of the internet. As a matter of fact, Americans born between 1980 and 2000 spend an average of 2,891 minutes a month surfing the internet on their computers alone. That’s more than any other generational group.

These statistics should start to sound like music to your ears if you have a business with an online presence. You have the opportunity to pull a fraction of the nearly 2,900 minutes of each of the approximately 83.1 million millennials in the United States to your business via your website.  With the right marketing approach, you can tap into a portion of that $600 billion.

Keep reading and will show you how to market to millennials and in turn further develop your business.

Be Concise and Precise

Millennials and Twitter share one very important thing in common. Both demand you keep your messaging short and to the point. If millennials have to comb through too much text on your website to find the answers they’re looking for or the products they want, they will quickly leave your platform to find another.

Also, if the information you present on your site seems outdated and/or incorrect, millennials will raise a red flag, and you’ll lose their site traffic. Millennials may be quick to leave a website for too many words, but they’ll also discredit one for “untruthful” text.

If your website has big blocks of text, fix it. If your website doesn’t make it clear what you do or sell, fix it. And if you know your site contains obsolete or wrong information, fix it.

Millennials Like Videos

According to an Animoto Online social video marketing study, millennials appreciate concise and precise copy, but they prefer to see a visual in the form of a video. It’s estimated that roughly 80% of millennials use videos to learn information.

So when you have the opportunity to use videos, you should. But don’t start creating videos for the sake of having videos. Millennials are easily turned off by videos they feel are a nonsensical waste of time.

Figure Out How to Market to Millennials without Marketing to Millennials

This may sound like a convoluted riddle, but rest assured it’s not. We’re simply saying that it’s important that you target millennials, without them feeling as if you are disingenuously pandering to them. So traditional outbound marketing material is something you’ll want to shy away from.

Instead, try more organic marketing strategies. For example, create blogs and forums where your customers and site viewers can leave comments and share their experience with your business and product. If you have a solid company and a wonderful product, the organic positive feedback will be your biggest advertisement.

Also, your presence on social media works best not necessarily in the form of ads. But instead, social media influencers that brag about your business are a good way to attract millennials.

Help Retooling Your Marketing Strategy

Remember, millennials are spending over $600 billion in the U.S. economy. So if you want to retool your marketing strategy to attract more of them, be sure to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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Create a Marketing Plan that Works: Video Ideas You Should Try

video ideas

If you’re struggling to think of good video ideas for your company, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve come a long way with regards to video marketing. Remember the days of hilarious local business commercials that would come on in the middle of the night? Though funny, they were rarely enticing enough to make you think about the product.

Now, we’ve got the video world at our fingertips. With video recording equipment and software becoming so affordable, most video marketing is done fast, cheap, and online. It’s all about building awareness around your brand with entertaining and informative videos.

It can be hard to keep coming up with decent video ideas, though. In this post, we’re going to go over a few that’ll have you pumping out new videos at will.

Introduce Your Company and Team

Branding over the internet is all about gaining familiarity with a product and the people that make it. One of the easiest and best videos you can make is something that explains what you do and introduces key members of your team.

If you can come across as being a likable authority in your field, your leads will turn into customers pretty fast. This is the perfect place to start with your videos. Have a goal in mind for what the video should achieve and start shooting.

Lean into the quality of your product and highlight the people that make it happen. If potential customers are able to learn a little more about the people behind the scenes, they’ll feel more connected to your products and conversion rates will go way up.

Announce Important Information

Using videos to make big announcements is a good way to draw positive attention to your company. Try to avoid overusing this. Instead, save it for the announcements that are particularly impactful, like new products/services or new hires.

This will keep your target market in the loop.

It’s important that you keep branding consistent across the board. When you do an announcement video, the announcement should come from the same one or two people and the videos should all have a similar look to them.

Product Demo’s & How-Tos

Many of the most successful video marketing tools involve posting product demonstrations and how-tos for your services. In the digital world, people are used to being able to look up how to do something.

Giving them a quick video about the function and purpose of your product/service will get a lot of views. When you release a new product, you should concurrently release a new video alongside it. They don’t have to be complicated and there are several ways in which you can shoot a product demo.

Customer Testimonials

Another great way to generate buzz around your brand is to have your satisfied customers come into your studio space and shoot testimonial videos. Testimonials remain among the most important tools for small businesses to build their brand. A large 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If your customers are dispersed all over the country, you could even have them film testimonials on their smartphones and send them in. Although it won’t look as professional, it’ll be more charming to see a compiled video of different people in different places praising your business.

Be Creative With Your Video Ideas

These are just a few video ideas, but don’t put a limit on the power of video marketing. Use your creativity to brainstorm different ideas, different ways to shoot, and how to build up your brand through the video medium.

You won’t regret it when your videos are getting hits and bringing more and more business to your company.

If you need help with video production and digital marketing for your business, visit our website. We can help you come up with and create enticing marketing videos for your Fort Wayne business. While you’re there, check out our blog to read more posts about the importance of SEO and digital marketing.

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4 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Critical in 2019

digital marketing trends

In the world of digital marketing, there’s never time to sit on your laurels. You always need to be aware of what is happening now and what is coming up around the next corner.

Marketing is all about capturing the now. What’s hot today may not be hot a month from now. Flexibility is important, but at the same time, a marketing strategy cannot be scrapped and re-written every time something changes. You need balance. The best way to get this is to learn the market and identify the trends before they swell.

What are the core digital marketing trends you need to consider adopting in 2019? Keep reading to find out.

1. Website Optimization

You may not initially think of an inward facing consideration as one of the key marketing trends, but Google’s new Speed update algorithm is going to change that. You need to make sure your company website is optimized. Penalizing slow sites while rewarding those that perform well – to paraphrase the update – means your marketing could be spot on, but a poor performing site will undo some of that hard work.

As with all Google updates, this one will grow and the basis for the penalization will most likely extend beyond the extreme slow sites and more into the general population. This is one to watch out for.

2. The Move From Facebook to Instagram

When it comes to digital marketing innovations, Facebook ads were a wonderful thing and propelled many businesses to success through 2017 and 2018. However, signs are showing that the hype for Facebook is starting to slow, with more people moving over to Instagram. While owned by the same parent corporation, the mobile-only element of Instagram will mean a marketing plan adjustment will be needed.

This is not to say Facebook is over, far from it, but if adapting to the digital marketing trends, you need to be prepared for an Instagram investment as well.

3.Marketing Email and Automation

While Social Media is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing, you can never discount the benefit of a solid email marketing campaign. The trick is, as we move into 2019, to invest time in the right emails at the right time. Automation is going to play a big role in things, and a single email series will no longer cut the mustard.

List segmentation and target email traffic triggered at the right time by the right client-driven events will help reel in business at the right time.

4.The Power of Video Advertising

One of the large digital marketing trends of 2019 will be the continued rise of video advertising, which has now overtaken print and visual marketing in terms of revenue generation.

Posters and a logo with bright colors and funny slogans are great, but people want an increased level of interaction before they commit to things, especially in the smartphone-centric age we live in.

Video advertising is a way to capture the attention of your market and draw them into your product.

Digital Marketing Trends Are Your Guiding Light to Success

Digital marketing trends are not an exact science. As good as they can be at predicting user and persona-driven behavior, there is no guarantee. No set in stone plans that everybody could follow. If there was, then marketing wouldn’t work, because everybody would be winning.

The trick is to acknowledge the trends and work them into your already successful digital marketing strategy. Bolster your current vision and ensure continued success through the new year.

Are you ready to make these changes? Are you ready to embrace the new year with a fresh marketing strategy? Great, because we are here to help. Get in touch today to talk about how we can help you to level up your marketing in 2019.

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4 Web Design Trends to Inspire Your New Website Design in 2019

new website design

More than 500 new websites are created every single minute. With so many websites out there on the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. There is good news though! You can differentiate your brand by creating something unique.

This might seem easier said than done. For that reason, we’ve outlined 4 new website design trends you should try out in 2019.

1. Bright Colors Everywhere

Over the last few years, minimalism has been the big trend in terms of web design. Muted colors and tones of grey, beige, and tan have been everywhere. In 2019, though, things are going to change. You’ll start seeing intense, bold colors that really catch people’s eye. This doesn’t mean that everything is going to be crazy and neon. What it does mean is that you might need to expand your color scheme to add in some bright red, green, blues, or yellows. In other words, don’t be afraid of big, bold colors in 2019.

2. Parallax in New Website Design

Parallax will reach its peak in 2019. These are another way to grab people’s attention. Basically, it’s time to say goodbye to static homepages with predictable layouts. Instead, focus on implementing elements like a parallax which engages the user with just a simple scroll. These increase your page’s engagement levels and entice people to stay longer on your pages.

Take the visitors on a journey about your product and they will love it. Parallax helps you to grab attention and create a certain sphere around your products. It helps you to promote a greater chance of connecting because the innovative website trends improve the site’s desirability. Such parallax websites provide a dynamic experience which encourages the user to stay longer on the page.

3. More Video Backgrounds

Another trend to implement on your site is video backgrounds. Header images have been popular for the last few years, but the new thing in 2019 is header videos. Why? It’s simple. They engage your audience. In fact, visitors spend 88% more time on websites that have video. So why not use it in your header, the first thing that people see on your pages.

4. Bold Typography

Last but not least, you’ll start seeing bold typography in 2019. Like we mentioned previously, minimalism has dominated web design recently. This is also changing in terms of font. Brands are capturing people’s attention with unexpected uses of typography. You want to get users to do a double a take when they see your page. That will get them to stick around.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through all these new website design trends of 2019, what’s next? Go through each of them again and decide which ones you can start to implement now.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact our team of experts today. We’re happy to help you take your website to new heights.

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7 SEO Mistakes Which Are Killing Your Search Rankings

SEO mistakes

You know that 81% of people perform an online search before making a purchase and that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results. You know you need SEO. You just don’t know how to use SEO. And you certainly don’t know how to tell if your SEO is actually working. You know it’s doing something (maybe?) but you’re not entirely sure. 

Chances are, if you’re doing SEO without any sense of which way is up, you’re probably making key SEO mistakes that are killing your rankings in the SERPs. Here are three common mistakes that websites make when trying to rank on the almighty Google. 

Buying Links

You know you should be link building. You just don’t know how. So you buy some links figuring that they’ll work just fine. There’s a problem with this. Buying backlinks is a classic black hat SEO tactic and it’s not going to do much other than possibly get you blacklisted by Google. 

Ignore what an agency tells you. If they’re selling links, they’re doing black hat SEO. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines expressly state that buying or selling links that pass PageRank, including exchanging money or posts in exchange for links, is considered a link scheme. Anyone caught in a link scheme will be banned. 

You could also be buying links from websites that Google deems a “bad neighborhood”. Associating with these bad neighborhoods is a sure way to get removed from Google listings.

Hint: Google’s algorithm is getting smarter all the time. If you cheat the system, they will find out. 

Ranking for the Wrong Keywords

Another cardinal sin of SEO is ranking for the wrong keywords. Think of it this way: If you’re ranking for Chihuahua products and you sell lawnmowers, there’s something seriously wrong with this picture. While that’s an extreme case, it’s usually subtler than that. If you’re ranking for cake recipes but you’re a bakery that doesn’t actually post cake recipes online, you’re still ranking for the wrong keyword. You may get traffic to your website, but it’s the wrong traffic and you’ll start to notice your bounce rate increasing as visitors come and immediately leave your site knowing they came to the wrong place.

You’re also committing this cardinal sin if you go for keywords that are too general to help you. For example, if you’re a small rental car business and you’re trying to rank for “rental car,” you’re dreaming way too big. 

Neglecting Awesome Content

Finally, if you already know content is king, why are you failing to write awesome content?  If you didn’t know content is king, congratulations — you learned something new today. 

Google is a business. Specifically, they’re a business that aims to answer every random question that their customers can come up with. So, how are you going to rank higher on Google? By answering questions relevant to your business in the most complete, accurate manner possible. You do this by writing long-form informative content. And while you are trying to get Google’s attention, keep in mind that a human has to read your content for it to help your SEO, so don’t stuff it with keywords — write in a manner that’s easy for your visitor to read. 

See Some SEO Mistakes?

No worries. It’s not the end of your website as you know it. The best place to start is understanding SEO. If you don’t know your SEO from your elbow, this article is a good place to start. If you’re still lost on the difference between a keyword and a meta tag, bringing on an SEO agency can help get your site back up to speed and help you avoid SEO mistakes. Not sure where to start? Read these five tips for choosing an agency. 

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How to Keep SEO in MInd for Your Website Redesign

website redesign

As you start planning your website redesign, it’s easy to get caught up in the small details. But make sure you’re not overlooking one of the most important facets of any site, SEO, or search engine optimization.

Read on as we bring you a quick rundown of everything you’ll need to know regarding SEO and your site’s new design.

Learn Current SEO Trends

SEO is a bit of a tricky situation. On one hand, it can greatly benefit businesses who implement basic SEO practices into their site design. But on the other hand, the world of SEO changes constantly. Don’t be surprised if you’ve missed quite a bit since your last website redesign.

Before you start conceptualizing your brand new website, take a little bit of time to research what’s going on in the world of SEO. Certain elements, such as mobile functionality and voice search, are relatively new and can offer your site quite the rankings boost.

Begin Your Website Redesign By Analyzing Usability

Now that you have a better sense of how SEO has changed over the last few years, it’s time to get down to business and start breaking your site. Don’t worry, it isn’t as destructive as it sounds. All you’re going to do is browse your site as any standard user would. Make sure to visit every page, click every link, and search through every menu and sub-menu.

Now ask yourself: How responsive is your site and is it easy to navigate? Aside from simply being a great web design practice, usability is something Google prioritizes. By making sure that your new site is easy and fun to use, you’ll better serve your audience and maybe even nab that treasured number one spot on Google, too.

Don’t Forget About Metadata

As you start moving things around, it’s easy to forget about tagging your images and pages and restructuring your URLs. While it may not seem important to you, Google loves metadata and relies on it for proper site indexing.

Use Search Terms In Headers

Though much of the SEO world has changed a great deal, the significance of keywords remains. As you start to determine the best keywords for your site’s headers, menu, and content, think about the kinds of phrasing your audience may use when searching for your site. Ideally, these phrases should be natural so they don’t take the user out of the browsing experience.

Audit Before Launch

Finally, once your site looks better than ever, it’s time to give it a final test before launching. Make sure you’ve properly tagged images, implemented search phrases and keywords, and have a functional, usable website. In addition, test your site’s loading speed, watch out for duplicate content, and try and catch any iffy URL structures.

A Website Redesign Doesn’t Have The Quash Your Current Rankings

A lot of site owners get nervous when working on a web redesign, as they’re afraid of messing up their current SEO ambitions. But as long as you’re conscious of everything we’ve discussed today, you should have no problems creating a beautiful new website that Google will love as much as your audience.

Are you interested in getting a great new website but don’t have the time or know-how needed to redesign it and to boost your SEO ranking? Get in touch and let us help!

HD Marketing & Design is here to help businesses just like yours succeed in today’s competitive digital market.

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How to Hire an SEO Expert for Your Business

hire seo expert

With so many SEO specialists out there, it can be hard to identify the right one for you and your business. I mean, what differences could there be among different SEO professionals? A lot, actually, and we’ll help you identify ways to hire SEO expert talent that suits your business.

Before you hire an SEO expert, you should have a decent understanding of SEO so you know what to ask and look for.

A Brief Overview of SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of tailoring your website to the specifications of a search engine algorithm. Search engines have a complicated process that allows them to pick and choose the sites in the ocean of the internet that will be most useful to users.

The algorithms that search engines use have over 200 factors that determine which sites will be selected in a search. There are, however, a few factors that consistently rank more important than others. These are things like keywords, backlinks, and quality of content. Those are the factors that must be analyzed and adjusted within your site if you wish to have improvements in your website’s traffic. These are the things that SEO professionals should have a good amount of expertise in. There are a few things, however, that you should ask a professional before you choose them to work for your site.

1. Find Out if the Person Has Worked With Your Size

Websites are vastly different, each one requiring a different strategy for site optimization. A huge factor in this is how big a website is, and how much change the owner would like to see in terms of traffic. Identify an SEO expert who has experience in developing websites of your size. Also, ask them how much improvement they typically see in their clients’ sites. If those factors line up with what you expect, that is a good sign.

2. Have They Worked in Your Niche?

Another factor that changes SEO platforms is the niche of the site. Different niches have different standards and methods of optimization. This is because different websites appeal to different populations, so different things work to try and attract them. Optimization is firstly about the algorithm, but there are also human elements that come into play. Try to find a person who has experience working with sites that are within your niche.

3. Have Reasonable Expectations

Search engine optimization doesn’t always work overnight. In fact, it usually never works this way. Allow the person you hire to explain their process to you and give them enough time to see some results. On the other hand, if they tell you that they can get immediate results, you should be suspicious of them. Many methods of optimization that work quickly are considered “Black Hat,” and may actually harm your standing in search engines.

Hire SEO Expert Talent Today

Learning how to hire SEO expert talent is not the only thing that you should consider when figuring out your site. There are a lot of other factors that go into having a successful website.

If you’re in need of help to improve your site, contact us today to learn how we can help!

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11 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Start-Up Company

benefits of video marketing90% of start-up businesses fail, according to Forbes. If you want to be a part of the 10% that succeed, you need to use every tool at your disposal. One of the best tools to use in 2018 is video marketing.

Video content is the future of marketing. Studies have shown that people prefer watching videos over reading. And videos have proven to be great for brand recognition.

If you want to succeed in your start-up business, you should learn about the benefits of video marketing. Here are 11 of the many amazing benefits video marketing can provide your start-up.

1. Videos Will Boost Your Sales

Studies have shown that videos can be responsible for upwards of an 80% increase in conversion rate for companies. Many people have said that they are far more likely to make a purchase after watching a video than after reading some text marketing.

2. Brand Awareness

Videos do an incredible job of spreading your brand across the web. They really help you to gain a larger presence online. This will quickly increase awareness of your brand across your community.

3. Engaging Your Customers

Your customers love watching videos, and you are far more likely to receive higher engagement with a video than with text content.

4. High Recall Value

You know how you can still remember a lot of the old video ads from watching TV as a child? That’s because videos have a high recall rate, and that is still true today. People will be more likely to remember your product if they see a video about it than if they don’t.

5. Build Your Reputation

If you produce quality video content, you will be showing your customers and your investors that you are committed to only quality output. This will build trust in your brand with your community.

6. Your Investors Will Love It

Videos show a great return-on-investment for many of the reasons we’ve discussed already.

7. Increased SEO

One of the most important things for a start-up to do is to build good SEO. Video content is a great way to do that. Search engine algorithms will look upon your links more favorably if they contain video content.

8. Social Media Presence

Building a presence on social media is nearly essential for any company, but especially start-ups. Videos are easily shareable, and they tend to kick of great conversations between customers.

9. Videos Are Accessible

Video marketing is much easier to find and consume than any other type of marketing out there. Take advantage of this.

10. Email Marketing Campaigns

If you send out a newsletter to your customers, videos are a great way to encourage more engagement with them. People prefer watching over reading, so this can be a great alternative to the standard newsletter.

11. People Just Love Videos

As you’ve probably gathered, people just love videos! They’re fun, they’re entertaining, we just love to watch them. As long as you produce quality content, your customers will love your video marketing too.

Want To Learn More About The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

These are just a few of the many benefits of video marketing. We hope that this list has helped to ease any tensions you may have had about the prospect. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us!

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What Does a Web Designer Do and Do You Need to Hire One?

what does a web designer doSimply put, if you’re a business owner, you absolutely need a website. No, a Facebook page isn’t good enough, though it’s a great start. We’re talking about a full-blown website that shows off your business in all of its glory.

Unless you’re an experienced web designer, there’s a good chance you’ll need a bit of outside help to get the job done. As a result, you may find yourself pondering enlisting the aid of a web designer. But is it even necessary? And for that matter, what does a web designer do and what can they offer your business?

Read on to learn more about the world of web design and why your business may need some outside help.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

Let’s begin by taking a look at what exactly a web designer does. On the surface, it seems like a rhetorical question. They design websites, right? Well, yes and no. The fact of the matter is that web design is multi-faceted and can mean any number of things. Saying that a web designer just builds websites is a little reductive.

A great web designer has an understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of web design. They’ll take the technical elements of coding and markup and combine them with creative elements like CSS, design, and branding. They conceptualize, code, and create gorgeous looking websites based on their clients’ needs. In addition, they may update or patch preexisting code to bring a site up to date.

While almost all web designers have certain baseline skills, such as coding, most design firms offer unique specializations. Some may specialize in graphic design, for instance, while others may excel in marketing and onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Does My Business Really Need a Web Designer?

Not every business owner sees the value of hiring a web designer. Some may choose to save that money and instead build a site themselves. While that’s definitely an option, it isn’t advisable. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to find yourself quite overwhelmed.

Your site represents your business. Every moment that your site has an error or is offline is a moment that your competition pulls ahead.

Audiences depend on company website’s for valuable information before making a purchasing decision. If your site isn’t up to snuff, you’re likely going to lose money.

Furthermore, a great web designer will make sure that your audience departs your site with a great first impression. According to one study, 94 percent of participant feedback focused on design only.

A great design can make or break your customers’ opinion of your site.

The Importance of a Great Web Designer

So what does a web designer do? A web design expert knows how to convey information to your audience in aesthetically pleasing, memorable ways which in turn leads to more sales for your company.

Are you thinking of hiring a web designer? At HD Marketing & Design, we don’t just design websites, we use our marketing expertise to build websites that are useful to your target audience. And, we include basic SEO in to every website we build to help your website get found online. Because what’s the point of having a great website if no one can find it?

Contact us today to learn more about our website design services.

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YouTube SEO: 5 Tips to Increase Your Ranking on the Platform

youtube SEOYouTube SEO may seem like something of a misnomer if you’ve always connected search engine optimization to written content. But optimization is just as important for video and audio content as it is written content.

We’ve already discussed why video content is important, why you should have a YouTube channel, and how that importance will only grow in the coming years. In the following article, we’d like to focus on how to make your video content stand out on one of the largest video streaming services in the world. Action!

1. Focus on the Content First

So, what is YouTube SEO, and how do you make it work for you? It all starts with making great content.

How do you do that? Here are some best practices:

  • Make your videos instructional
  • Keep them short
  • Include strong openings
  • Show personality

Invest in a professional production quality. Search for professional filmmakers in your area and view their portfolios.

And lastly, create content people are searching for. To find out, run searches for your keywords. See what’s already out there, and pay attention to other videos’ commenters, especially ones offering constructive criticisms.

Feedback is particularly helpful. That’s because it gives you an idea of how to angle your content so it stands out from what is already getting results.

2. Make Keywords and Descriptions Consistent

The next step for using SEO on YouTube is to think about how you would describe your video to a stranger. What would you say to communicate the video’s main idea in a manner that they wouldn’t even have to watch it to get the point?

If you’re a better talker than writer, describe the video into a recorder. Then, go back and listen to it. You’ll notice which specific, relevant keyword phrases jump out at you in the playback.

From there, clean it up into a short description of three to five sentences. Try writing at least five headlines with the keywords you’ve noted.

Following this order ensures titles and descriptions will be consistent with the actual content. This also will ensure viewers aren’t annoyed at the prospect of expecting one thing and getting another. For help with finding related keywords, use the Google Keyword Planner tool.

3. Use a Call to Action

Many of the YouTube SEO 2018 hacks you’ll see talk about CTAs, or calls to action. You’re probably used to having them with written content. Video lends itself to this as well.

Try to end each video with a CTA. Equip the viewer with what he or she needs to find out more or make a purchase. Make that information link-out to the appropriate page or related content.

4. Use Layovers Effectively

Some of our favorite YouTube SEO hacks include layovers. These are small boxes of text information that appear in the video. (A “subscribe” button in the bottom corner, for instance.)

The key is to make these noticeable but unobtrusive. They can convey additional information, subtitles, and a variety of other textual data to complement what the viewer is seeing on-screen.

5. Think Playlists

The final way to boost SEO for YouTube is to make sure your videos have some continuity to them. Have one link to the next to guide your viewers deeper into your world.

You can do this by building shorter videos around a theme. Group them together in playlists. This will ratchet up the time viewers spend with your videos, and that will attract Google’s ranking algorithms.

Your YouTube SEO Game Can Make a Big Difference

YouTube SEO, when applied correctly, will help you stand out in an increasingly video-centric online world. It’s not just for articles anymore, so make sure you’re following the tips we’ve covered here.

And for more info on how SEO works and how to make it work for you, check out this blog post.

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