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Where did You hear about the Fire?

So, we’re driving down Lima Road Sunday from up north and see the huge plume of smoke over town.  In the old days, I would probably have turned on the radio to hear where the fire was. With automated programming … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Local Business to enter the Digital Age

The big companies in the US are jumping into social media and digital advertising at a much faster rate than local small and medium sized businesses, according to a recent study by BIA/Kelsey, a company that tracks local ad business. … Continue reading

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First Cracks in Facebook Popularity?

Many of the millions of parents and grandparents now using Facebook, were introduced to social media by their teenagers. Now there are signs that teens may are dissatisfied with recent changes to Facebook, and are considering Google+ as an alternative. … Continue reading

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Some Social Media Facts

First, while 14.4 million teens using Facebook is no surprise, what about the 10.4 million people aged 55-64 using it? Next, 62% of Facebook users are female, while 67.1% of Google+ users are male. So, are we creating one social … Continue reading

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