4 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Critical in 2019

digital marketing trends

In the world of digital marketing, there’s never time to sit on your laurels. You always need to be aware of what is happening now and what is coming up around the next corner.

Marketing is all about capturing the now. What’s hot today may not be hot a month from now. Flexibility is important, but at the same time, a marketing strategy cannot be scrapped and re-written every time something changes. You need balance. The best way to get this is to learn the market and identify the trends before they swell.

What are the core digital marketing trends you need to consider adopting in 2019? Keep reading to find out.

1. Website Optimization

You may not initially think of an inward facing consideration as one of the key marketing trends, but Google’s new Speed update algorithm is going to change that. You need to make sure your company website is optimized. Penalizing slow sites while rewarding those that perform well – to paraphrase the update – means your marketing could be spot on, but a poor performing site will undo some of that hard work.

As with all Google updates, this one will grow and the basis for the penalization will most likely extend beyond the extreme slow sites and more into the general population. This is one to watch out for.

2. The Move From Facebook to Instagram

When it comes to digital marketing innovations, Facebook ads were a wonderful thing and propelled many businesses to success through 2017 and 2018. However, signs are showing that the hype for Facebook is starting to slow, with more people moving over to Instagram. While owned by the same parent corporation, the mobile-only element of Instagram will mean a marketing plan adjustment will be needed.

This is not to say Facebook is over, far from it, but if adapting to the digital marketing trends, you need to be prepared for an Instagram investment as well.

3.Marketing Email and Automation

While Social Media is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing, you can never discount the benefit of a solid email marketing campaign. The trick is, as we move into 2019, to invest time in the right emails at the right time. Automation is going to play a big role in things, and a single email series will no longer cut the mustard.

List segmentation and target email traffic triggered at the right time by the right client-driven events will help reel in business at the right time.

4.The Power of Video Advertising

One of the large digital marketing trends of 2019 will be the continued rise of video advertising, which has now overtaken print and visual marketing in terms of revenue generation.

Posters and a logo with bright colors and funny slogans are great, but people want an increased level of interaction before they commit to things, especially in the smartphone-centric age we live in.

Video advertising is a way to capture the attention of your market and draw them into your product.

Digital Marketing Trends Are Your Guiding Light to Success

Digital marketing trends are not an exact science. As good as they can be at predicting user and persona-driven behavior, there is no guarantee. No set in stone plans that everybody could follow. If there was, then marketing wouldn’t work, because everybody would be winning.

The trick is to acknowledge the trends and work them into your already successful digital marketing strategy. Bolster your current vision and ensure continued success through the new year.

Are you ready to make these changes? Are you ready to embrace the new year with a fresh marketing strategy? Great, because we are here to help. Get in touch today to talk about how we can help you to level up your marketing in 2019.

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