BCS Championship game a disappointment for Irish fans, but not for ESPN

It seems as if everyone here in Fort Wayne was watching the BCS championship game Monday night, but what did the rest of the country think of what turned out to be a less than exciting match up.  According to Neilson, the people who keep track of who’s watching what, 15.7 percent of all Americans households were watching the game.  The audience peaked at around 20% before dropping down to about 11% in the last quarter.  It still turned out to be the second most watched program on cable TV in the last two years.  Fort Wayne, unlike the top 50 or so TV markets around the country, doesn’t get overnight ratings.  In Indianapolis, however, the game scored a 26.7 rating.  It peaked at 34.3.  About one out of every three households were watching the game.   Had the score stayed closer, the game certainly would have been one of the most watched ever.  Notre Dame may not have the number one football program this year, but interest in the Irish nation wide is still phenomenal.


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