Consumers now spend more time with digital every day than they do watching TV

Smart phones continue to change the way people use media.  Emarketer projects for 2013 that Americans will spend more time every day with digital media, five hours and nine minutes, than they do watching TV,  four hours and 31 minutes per day, down about 8 minutes a day from 2012.    Radio listening will be down about 6 minutes a day to one hour and 26 minutes, while the average person will spend only 26 minutes a day with the newspaper.

It should be no surprise that people spend almost two and a half  hours on their smart phones doing things other than talking on the phone.

What all this means is that the way you reach customers today is changing rapidly.  The more time your potential customer spends with a media, the better chance you have to connecting with them.    People used to spend so much time watching TV every day, it wasn’t hard to make sure they saw your commercial at least once.  But, you can also assume that during the almost five hours a day that people access the digital world, there’s a good chance they will see a lot of banner and video ads, and they’ll visit a large number of websites.

The reason you once advertised on Radio, TV, and newspaper, was because they each had loyal audiences that could see, hear, or read your message.  These media continue to work for advertisers, even though their audiences are spending a lot more time on digital, so we’re not saying you should stop using them in your marketing.  What we are saying is that the time has come to consider reaching your customers on their computers, smart phones and tablets.  Not sure how?  Contact us at King Marketing.

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