Create a Buzz With Marketing

Does Your Marketing Create a Buzz?

earth fare marketing buzz fort wayneDid you hear about Earth Fare’s big opening in Fort Wayne recently? I’d be surprised if you said no. Earth Fare is a national grocery store chain focused on eating healthier and Earth-friendly products. They did an excellent job of creating a big buzz in town long before their opening. The store has been packed — you could barely get through the aisles the first week. Before it even opened, their Facebook page for the Fort Wayne store had over 3000 “Likes” and now is filled with great reviews from visitors. For weeks before opening, local mailboxes had been receiving store coupons and promotional fliers. Standing in line at other grocery stores, you frequently overheard “When’s that new Earth Fare opening?” Now that’s what I call creating a buzz!

We know you want your clients, and potential customers, to see your business as more than an average company — because you are! At HD Marketing & Design, our goal is to understand what makes you proud and what makes your business unique. Then we make sure that message gets out,  that we create a buzz about who you are and what you do.

Marketing  Tools to Create a Buzz

  • Promote the cool things you do  through press releases, promotional materials, TV/radio commercials
  • Interact on social media and provide sneak peeks of what’s coming
  • Provide great content on your website. Update it regularly and make it useful.
  • Make a personal connection – interact with visitors to your business; collect emails to keep them in the loop and send thank you notes or notices of upcoming events)

You already know this, of course — it’s always in your best interest to keep the customers happy. Your customers are the ones who will recommend you to their friends and colleagues — in person or on social media. And, you know that it goes beyond creating a great product — it’s providing exceptional support, building strong relationships, and always going above and beyond what’s expected. It’s equally important to continue to reach out to customers, and potential customers, across multiple channels. Different customers get their information — and create more buzz — in different ways.

Create a Buzz with HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

HD Marketing & Design knows the ins-and-outs of both the newest technology – website design, social media marketing, content marketing –  and the tried-and-true traditional marketing tools – radio & TV commercials, brochures, postcards, press releases. Let HD Marketing help you create that buzz for YOUR business!

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