Dividing our Media Time

It’s 8:30 on a Thursday nigh and there you are, sitting and waiting for your new TV commercial to run in the local break between “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.”  What a great time slot. Lot’s of people are watching.  Or are they?

True, a lot of people are sitting there with the TV’s tuned to their local CBS station at8:30 on a Thursday night.  The problem is, in addition to watching TV, they’re also very likely to be using their smart phone, or tablet, or PC at the very same time.


You may have heard that hardly anyone just watches TV anymore, without simultaneously surfing, Twittering, or otherwise engaged in using some other shiny new tech device.  Now, we have new research from Google that backs this idea up.

The Big Four Media today are TV, Smart Phone, Tablet, and PC.  As a nation, we’re on these devices, in some combination, about 4.4 hours per day.

Of these, people watch TV the most, about 43 minutes a day.  But, 77% of the time, we are also using a second device, usually a smart phone or tablet, at the same time.

Not only do these four devices hog most of our available media time every day, leaving us with precious little time to read a newspaper or magazine. And when we are watching TV, we’re dividing our attention, or at least augmenting it by perhaps following a Twitter Feed about the program on our TV screen.  That’s why TV programs now actually run the Twitter feed along the bottom of the screen during their programs.

Smart phones are used in the shortest bursts and for only a total of 17 minutes each day.  On the other hand, Smart phones is where people begin the process.  After getting information from their small screen smart phone, they usually move to a larger screen to finish.  Smart phones initiate the marketing process, but they may not complete it.

You can read about this study here.

The tech world changes quickly, so it’s hard to make predictions, however, right now, here’s how it looks.  Transactions will begin on smart phones, and move on from there.

Businesses that master smart phone marketing will profit better than those who rely on customers eventually finding you on TV, or their PC or tablet, or certainly by just wandering into your physical location.

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