How to Market to Millennials; What You Need to Know

how to market to millennials

If you don’t already know, allow us to tell you that marketing to millennials is a big deal. Millennials spend roughly $600 billion a year in the US economy.

And more than any other generation, millennials have also taken full advantage of the internet. As a matter of fact, Americans born between 1980 and 2000 spend an average of 2,891 minutes a month surfing the internet on their computers alone. That’s more than any other generational group.

These statistics should start to sound like music to your ears if you have a business with an online presence. You have the opportunity to pull a fraction of the nearly 2,900 minutes of each of the approximately 83.1 million millennials in the United States to your business via your website.  With the right marketing approach, you can tap into a portion of that $600 billion.

Keep reading and will show you how to market to millennials and in turn further develop your business.

Be Concise and Precise

Millennials and Twitter share one very important thing in common. Both demand you keep your messaging short and to the point. If millennials have to comb through too much text on your website to find the answers they’re looking for or the products they want, they will quickly leave your platform to find another.

Also, if the information you present on your site seems outdated and/or incorrect, millennials will raise a red flag, and you’ll lose their site traffic. Millennials may be quick to leave a website for too many words, but they’ll also discredit one for “untruthful” text.

If your website has big blocks of text, fix it. If your website doesn’t make it clear what you do or sell, fix it. And if you know your site contains obsolete or wrong information, fix it.

Millennials Like Videos

According to an Animoto Online social video marketing study, millennials appreciate concise and precise copy, but they prefer to see a visual in the form of a video. It’s estimated that roughly 80% of millennials use videos to learn information.

So when you have the opportunity to use videos, you should. But don’t start creating videos for the sake of having videos. Millennials are easily turned off by videos they feel are a nonsensical waste of time.

Figure Out How to Market to Millennials without Marketing to Millennials

This may sound like a convoluted riddle, but rest assured it’s not. We’re simply saying that it’s important that you target millennials, without them feeling as if you are disingenuously pandering to them. So traditional outbound marketing material is something you’ll want to shy away from.

Instead, try more organic marketing strategies. For example, create blogs and forums where your customers and site viewers can leave comments and share their experience with your business and product. If you have a solid company and a wonderful product, the organic positive feedback will be your biggest advertisement.

Also, your presence on social media works best not necessarily in the form of ads. But instead, social media influencers that brag about your business are a good way to attract millennials.

Help Retooling Your Marketing Strategy

Remember, millennials are spending over $600 billion in the U.S. economy. So if you want to retool your marketing strategy to attract more of them, be sure to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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