Maximize your YouTube Search Potential

On a previous post, we talked about how important YouTube videos are in getting people to find you on the web.
The first step, of course is to create a video and put it on YouTube.

Video once meant polished (read expensive) productions. There’s an important place for this type of video, but there is also room for simple video.
Put the camera on a tripod, or set it on a tabletop, get in front of it and talk to your customer/prospect. Hold up a few samples or props if you need to. Start over if you mess it up, but don’t go for perfection or you may never get it finished. The viewer won’t mind any more than they would if you made a mistake talking to them in person.

There are some low cost video editing programs out there. I’ve never used them because we use a really expensive one, but I’ll check some out and let you know. You only need to make simple edits, and maybe add some titles, and that’s all you really need to make a basic web video that can help connect you to people searching for your products/services.

How to put it up on YouTube next week. Or, just go to and check it out.

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