More TV viewers are getting their TV from the Internet

Who would have predicted ten years ago that one day people would disconnect their cable and antennas from their TV sets, and rely on the internet as the source of their TV programs.  Of course, we know that’s happening, and now we know how fast.  As of February of 2012, 10.4 percent of homes had an IPTV (internet protocol TV, or set that allows for a direct connection to video that is watchable on TV but streamed from the internet), This according to a new study from Nielsen, the people who monitor what everyone watches on TV. This number has doubled in just one year.  One big source of programs for people with IPTV is Netflix.  Interstingly enough, Netflix’s video streaming is down subatantially this week.  The reason appears to be the Olympics.  Every night, about a quarter of everyone in the US watching TV is watching the Olympics.  Even with so many people complaining about NBC’s coverge, Olympic viewing is on a record pace.  Of course, NBC is streaming a great deal of Olympic coverage, which must be great news for that 10.4% of people with IPTV setups.  After several hours of Synchronized Diving, I started looking for an HDMI cable to connect our computer to the TV to try to find some other Olympic competition.

Of course, the bottom line here is technology is creating new ways for people to use media, which makes it ever more challenging to reach consumers who are now dividing their attention among many channels, and even technologies.  Working with new technologies and finding new ways to reach your market is what we do.  For example, we can run your 30 second commercial on line and target it to your geographical market.  Remember, the Chinese symbol for danger is the same symbol used for opportunity.


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