How to Keep Reaching Your Audience After the New Facebook Changes

new facebookLet’s face it – social media platforms like Facebook are on the same level as search engines when it comes to building visibility for your brand. And like Google, Facebook is constantly making algorithm changes that affect your ability to reach your target audience.

The new Facebook changes are the talk of the town and causing worry among brands who don’t know how to get their posts through to their audience. But rather than quitting, you should simply learn more about the Facebook algorithm change. In this article, we will go over the Facebook update and how you can ensure your posts show up in the Facebook feed.

Focus On Meaningful Interactions

One factor that plays a role in your posts ranking in Facebook is meaningful interactions. All this means is creating content that’s stimulating conversations, shares, and comments. If you’re pushing out posts with value and relevance, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Feature a User in Your Content

The Facebook update places emphasis on posts shared by individuals that receive comments and engagement quickly. In order to have your posts prioritized you should focus on your users and sharing their stories.

This puts your users in the spotlight and makes them more likely to share it with their followers.

Record Live Videos

Just about every social network has the live video features, and Facebook is one of the top used by brands and users. If online video is the key to visibility, then live video is the cream of the crop.

What’s great about live video is that it gets instant views and commentary, which is pure meaningful engagement. Live videos also receive about six times the amount of interactions than typical videos.

Don’t Use Engagement Bait

We’ve been talking about the importance of engagement for getting Facebook reach, however, you don’t want to try and trick the system. If you’re posting engagement bait, then you’re posts will be “demoted.”

This goes for posts like, “Comment if you like pizza!” Obviously, a lot of people who see the post will comment because most people like pizza.

Build a Community On Facebook Groups

Another way to get more engagement for your posts is to create Facebook groups for your audience. This way, they have a place to go to read posts, comment, and have discussions with others.

Businesses especially have a greater opportunity to engage their audience and build their brand visibility at the same time. You can keep your members updated and create events.

If you can get members to share your posts, then you’re taking your visibility beyond the group and getting additional engagement.

Benefit from the New Facebook Changes

Whenever a platform or search engine you use changes its algorithm, it’s important to learn it and master it. And if you don’t have the time to, then you need to hire a professional that can.

At HD Marketing & Design, we have experts that can assist you with the new Facebook changes. We also offer video production, SEO, and website design, which are all important for your social media marketing strategy.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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