Over 10 Billions Americans watched video ads last month

Maybe it’s getting harder to get you customers to see your commercials on TV, but one place they are watching commercials is on line.  10.076 billion online video ads or Pre-roll ads,  were viewed by Americans during May, According to comScore.  These are the ads you watch while waiting to see some cute cat video or TV show on sites like HULU, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and many others.  You’ve probably seen several of them.  You can’t skip them or fast forward through them.  You just have to watch and wait for your video to start.  You can click on the video, and to to a website.  Then you can click back to your video.  Of the over 22,000 who viewed Dr. Busch’s video in May, about 1,700 clicked in to his site.  Not a fabulous click through rate, but about the same as some banner ads we’ve tried in the past.

If you don’t have a 15 or 30 second pre-roll commercial, don’t worry, we can make one for you (We do video’s including TV commercials as well as Internet Marketing.)

If you’d like more information on how you can capture a few thousand of the 10 billions people watching on line video commercials every month, call us at (260)489-2884, or contact us here.

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