The Perks of Being a Small Business

The Perks of Being a Small Business

Are you a small business? Embrace it! Don’t try to pretend that you are bigger than you are. Small businesses have lots of advantages over a large corporation. Showing your customers and potential customers the value of your size can actually help you beat the competition.¬†And remember, good things come in small packages!

Here are some of the things we enjoy most about working with our small business customers:

1. You can be CREATIVE and FUN

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Small businesses can often have a lot more fun with their marketing. Your businesses unique personality — whether it’s you as owner, or the team your employ, or the services or products themselves — can really be played up in your marketing message. You can explore entertaining and creative ways to show how you are different from the “big guys”.

2. You can give PERSONAL ATTENTION to each customer


A small business has the time and ability to really get to know each of its customers. It’s easier for customers to connect with a real person instead of a never-ending automated phone system. And, it’s more likely that their contact person is the same one they deal with every time. You can get to know your customers by name and personalize your services in ways to keep them coming back. Personal connections with customers also allows you to quickly get valuable feedback from them. If something happens to go wrong, you can typically respond to and fix their complaint much faster than a large competition. These are all important factors in building long-term relationships and in making sure that existing customers are happy to refer new people your way.


Change can be difficult and slow in large companies because of their size. With fewer employees and fewer layers of management, a small business can react much more quickly in any situation. You can be innovative, faster to provide new products, quicker to change policies, and react to customer concerns immediately. If selling products is part of your business you can play up “quality over quantity”. Customers will appreciate that you really know your products and stand behind them.

4. You can be a FAMILY


Whether employees are actually part of the family or not, a small business offers that family feeling to all employees. Time and time again, employees of small businesses reference the “feeling a part of the family” as one of their favorite things about their jobs. Each employee can be much closer to the business and the customers. This leads to both a better understanding of how the company works and increased customer satisfaction. This feeling of family creates a strong sense of loyalty during tough times and an enhanced level of energy during busy times. Employees’ personal connections to the business will lead you to ever greater successes.

At HD Marketing and Design in Fort Wayne, we enjoy building relationships with all of our customers, large or small. But we particularly enjoy encouraging our small business customers to be proud of what makes them unique. Your size gives you an incredible advantage in today’s overcrowded marketplace — the ability to be creative, customer focused, and fast on your feet. Let us get to know you and your business, your story and the things that make what you do special. We know how to get the message about your uniqueness into the hands of those who are looking for a business just like yours.

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