Quality Website Design for the New Year

quality website design

There are over 1.2 billion websites on the internet. If your web design isn’t giving your users a pleasant, seamless experience, they’ll find one that will.

How can you make sure your site stands out from the crowd? Making sure you’re using a functional, modern web design may be the solution you need. Your customers expect the best; why shouldn’t that translate to your online presence?

Give your site a makeover and start off 2018 on the right foot. Here are our top tips for implementing a quality website design on your site

Look Beyond Responsiveness For Quality Website Design

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times if you’re paying attention. A responsive design is not an optional feature of your website. It’s an absolute necessity.

However, responsive design doesn’t just refer to the actual template or theme a site is using. It also means that you need to make sure every detail is optimized for your mobile users, who are increasingly becoming the majority on the web.

Too often we go to a “responsive” site on our mobile devices that clearly hasn’t been checked on an actual phone or tablet by its designer. Menus are crowded and sloppy, and large images make for slow loading.

Don’t let your hard work fall victim to this oversight. When considering whether your site is truly mobile friendly, think beyond traditional responsiveness. Your bounce rates will fall, and your mobile users will thank you.

Use a Flat Design

More and more, web designers are turning away from the 3D look that was so big in years before. Flat design is officially in.

There is much to be said for minimalism in a quality website design. Bulky images drag down your website speed, which is a proven way to send visitors immediately running for the safety of the search engine.

Flat design doesn’t require much of the visual content that might bog your site down. It draws in the eye with its use of contrasting colors, clean interface, and simple fonts. It works because it’s less.

Flat web designs also boast significant SEO benefits. Though we don’t know how much weight is put on site speed in Google’s heavily guarded algorithm, we know that it matters. These ultra-light designs tend to load in a flash, and your rankings will benefit accordingly.

Try a Background Video

That being said, make the visuals you are using count. A background video could be just what your site needs to bring it into 2018.

This works on a few different levels of our brains. We process visual content much faster than text. A video can be an effective shortcut to getting your message across to your users.

More quality websites are using videos in lieu of sliders. Give it a try for your page, and see how your users respond. If you aren’t bogging down your site with needless data, you should be able to implement your video without taking a damaging toll on your site speed.

Final Thoughts: Quality Website Design

Designing a site that brings your brand message into the new year may be just the boost your business needs. Update your web design, and enjoy the benefits!

Contact us to find out more about how web design can fit into your marketing plan.

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