Social Networks Now Part of Search Equation

Want to be listed first in a Google search? Of course you do. Once it was just a matter of having good keywords on your home page. Today, it’s getting more complicated. Social Media is playing an important role in search. Already, search engine Bing has a deal with Facebook. Let’s say you search Bing for widgets, and you have a Facebook friend who “likes” Acme Widgets. When you view your results page, you’ll see a reference to your friends “Like” next to Acme Widgets. A friend’s recommendation carries a lot of weight, so it’s more likely for you to consider Acme Widgets because of this action.

Google doesn’t want to cozy up to Facebook, so it’s starting it’s own social program called “1+” that will do much the same thing. When your friend hits the “+1″ button on a site he/she likes, then you do a Google search for that product/service, the site your friend liked will be specially marked, again giving you a personal recommendation from a friend.

For Bing to work with Facebook, you need to have a great, active Facebook page. To be part of the Google program, you have to have the “+1″ button on your content. Both programs are part of our “Social Media” internet marketing program, so if you’re part of that, this is being done for you. If not, you need to do it yourself, contact us, or find someone who can help you make your social media improve your search engine results.

Here’s what the “+1″ button looks like:

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