Why You need a Mobile Version of Your Web Site

The mobile version of our King Marketing website as it appears on a smart phone.

Think about how you access web sites outside of work.  Do you find you’re doing it more and more from your phone or table, rather than your desk top?  Are you looking things up while your shopping?  Do you watch TV and check out sites on your phone or tablet at the same time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than we’re happy to announce that you are normal.  In general, more web sites are being accessed by mobile devices today than by the traditional desk top computer.

Here’s even more sobering numbers.  According to research performed by Google, 61% of users will quickly leave a site on their mobile device if they can’t quickly find what they want.  In other words, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, mobile users will leave it quickly.

So, if more and more people use their mobile devices to visit your website, and if they don’t find your website mobile friendly, you’re going to lose business.

Don’t lose business.  Instead, let us create a mobile version of your current website.  That way, desktop users will still go to your regular site, while mobile users will automatically go to your mobile site.  Everyone gets an easy way to go through your website.  Web traffic goes up, and business goes up.


Here at King Marketing, Inc., in addition to building great websites for desktops, we also build websites for mobile devices.

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